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Anemones in volcanic rock

Technique: Textile Sculpture
Approximate dimensions: 200 cm x 180 cm x 30 cm
Materials: wool, acrylic, polyester and polyamide yarns, 100% recycled polyester padding, metallic upcycling rings and mechanical machines
Year: 2024

The sculpture “Anemones in volcanic rock” began as a first multi-coloured and multitextured centrepiece, showing a multiplicity of shapes that mixed various types of visions of marine beings – anemones, reinterpreted through the crochet technique.

From a certain moment on, the piece grew in size and intensity of shapes and colours. At that moment, the piece started to consist of 7 parts – the central one and 6 more pieces with more specific chromatic approaches in each of them.

The number 7 has an important symbolic meaning for me, as a result not only of my culture, but also as being fundamental in different cultures, religions and dimensions of knowledge.

The sculpture “Anemones in volcanic rock”, made up of 7 pieces presented as an irregular hexagram and inspired by the Seal of Solomon, integrates the 4 elements – fire, water, earth and air – metaphorically and chromatically. The volcanic rock represents fire and earth where anemones grow and live both in the water and in the air, according to the rhythm of the tides. In this way, the sculpture “Anemones in volcanic rock” is intended to represent the entire set of elements of the universe as a unity.

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