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Technique: Textile Sculpture
Approximate dimensions: 84 cm x 75 cm x 20 cm
Materials: wool, acrylic, polyester and polyamide yarns, 100% recycled polyester padding, metallic upcycling rings and mechanical machines
Year: 2024
Things from nature is the general theme that connects my soft textile sculptures, since 2016. The “Anemones in volcanic rock”, is an artistic representation of marine natural elements. These elements of sea and land (corals, anemones, starfish, shells) are seen through a magnifying glass and reinterpreted through textile sewing techniques – knit and crochet. Although these techniques are very traditional, the way they are applied results in an initial surprise in which there is a confrontation between the tradition present in the techniques and the innovation of form, aesthetics, textures and colour – and in this clash, the pieces build a dialogue with those who see, touch and feel them.

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