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  • Foto do escritorMarita Setas Ferro

June 2024 - Marita Setas Ferro on exhibition in Porto, Portugal

“Cabinet of Curiosities” explores diverse artistic expressions, each piece a chapter in a narrative that unfolds across sculptures, drawings, texts, abstract paintings, and abstract photography that invites you to dive into the essence of each category, where the creative process intertwines with emotions, self-discovery, and a celebration of the extraordinary.

A Lake, A Forest - Carolina is the visual artist responsible for organizing and curating the exhibition that has her works and two other artists who inspire her and have always been mentors for her: Marita Setas Ferro and Toni Oswald.

Marita Setas Ferro will have 4 exhibits art, which were at the Double J Collective gallery in Dubai.

From June 26th to August 1st you can book directly with the artist. Please if you want a immersive experience, contact Carolina through DM in her Instagram page: @alakeaforest or email:

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