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June 2024 - Marita Setas Ferro will be present at Aquarium 2024

Atualizado: 13 de jun.

Aquarium 2024 is an all-medium dual art opportunity, presented mutually by Gallerium art exhibitions and The Book of Arts publications.

The purpose is for artists to celebrate the vitality of water as an element of life and express awareness and share stories about water.

The 2nd annual Aquarium exhibition and publication encourages artists to express their visual interpretations of the symbol of life, purity and change in art, literature and science, known as water.

Water, air, fire, and soil have been symbolically known as the four elements of making our universe. Water is a symbol of purity, cleanness, and life in human culture. Without water, there will be no life. As water scarcity spreads and environmental issues affect our lives, NASA's search for any form of water (ice, liquid, steam) on other planets continues.

Oceans, seas, rivers, waterfalls, marshes, lakes, and ponds are the natural habitat of marine life, including various types of plants, birds, fish, and all kinds of underwater creatures that together, create a water ecosystem. Even mermaids, with all the myths and fantastic sea tales told by sailors, have been an inseparable part of the water world.

The human life history on earth has been entangled with water. From its presence at the heart of religions and powerful floods, to water sports and day-by-day water consumption, all are the signs of our infinite dependency on this vital element.

Between June 15 and August 15, Marita Setas Ferro will have represented in this exhibition her work Blue Reef

You can see the art the exhibition at the link below:

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