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November 2023 - Double J Gallery is now open to the public in Dubai, UAE

Last week was the grand opening of the Double J Collective gallery in Dubai. Marita Setas Ferro, one of the artists who exhibits her sculptures, also assumes the role of Creative Director of the gallery

Double J Collective is the first project based in Dubai exclusively dedicated to exhibit, promote and sell fine craft and design creations. Through the curation of exhibitions and commission of projects they proudly showcase authentic, one-of-a-kind fine craft and design pieces.

The event was attended by Mr. Ambassador of Portugal in the UAE Fernando Figueirinhas, Mrs. Ambassador Joana Figueirinhas, Doctor Manuel Couto Miranda, UAE Economic Advisor, Jonathan Silva, Manager and founder of Double J Collective , Jorge Cerveira Pinto , Manager and founder of Double J Collective, Rukni Art ( Ahmed Al Awadhi, Emirati artist, Aymen Azzam, Ceramist and Marina Perez, designer and teacher

To know more about the gallery, artists and designers, go to

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