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November 2023 - Double J Gallery Opening

Marita Setas Ferro is one of the artists invited to exhibit her "Soft Sculptures" in the new Gallery that will be opened in Dubai on November 8th.

Double J Gallery is a platform for the promotion of artists and designers,whose works fall into categories of “fine crafts” and “conceptual design”.

A celebration of fine crafts and concept design, where art merges with innovation, creating

a world of beauty and creativity.

In the Press Release shared with media, the Double J Gallery explain their view about the Gallery and artists:

"Crafted by Skilled Hands: Where Tradition and Innovation Embrace

In the ever-evolving tapestry of contemporary art, a remarkable transformation is underway.

This transformation centres on the profound impact of fine craft, where the handsthat shape

art are the hands that breathe life into tradition, infusing it with a dynamic spirit of


The amalgamation of time-honoured artisanal techniques with the sacred principles of fine

art begets masterpieces that resonate with history while challenging the very essence of fine

art. This intricate interplay between the past and the present forms the foundation of a new

artistic realm.

Culture, the unseen force that binds us to our roots, becomes the pulse of fine craft. Artists

harness the rich tapestry of their cultural heritage, forging a pioneering, innovative path

where the line between fine art and craft blurs. Through their work, these artisans illuminate

social perspectives and culturally resonant narratives, serving as a bridge between traditions

and the avant-garde.

In a world captivated by mass production, fine craft stands as an oasis of meticulous artistry

and groundbreaking innovation. It reveres the sacred values of "handmade" and "knowhow," distancing itself from mere imitations of artistic trends. Each piece emerges as an

unparalleled treasure, intimately connected to its creator, bearing witness to their mastery

and the essence of their very soul. Each piece cherishes its individuality, valuing the

uniqueness inherent in its creation.

These artisans are not beholden to traditional techniques; they transcend them. Through

years of dedication and relentless practice, they introduce groundbreaking approaches and

unexpected aesthetics into their work. This dedication to innovation shapes exceptional,

one-of-a-kind pieces that dance on the fine line between tradition and avant-garde. Here,

aesthetics meld harmoniously with the art of handcraft, and technology becomes a tool for

limitless creativity.

In the enigmatic intersection of these blurred boundaries, a world of artistic marvels unfolds,

fusing tradition and innovation in perfect harmony. In materials as diverse as ceramics,

textiles, natural fibres, glass and crystal, stone, metals, wood, and paper, we discover artistic

objects that are not just creations; they are portals to the human spirit, storytellers of culture,

and champions of the limitless potential of art and technology.

Nature-Inspired and Cultural Fusion Design Concept

In the world of design where technology increasingly takes the place of creativity, we present a concept that encapsulates the essence of nature-inspired elements, cultural fusion and ecofriendly approaches. This concept is a testament to our collective desire to present not only aesthetically pleasing designs but also those that resonate the richness of diverse cultures.

This curating design approach celebrates the beauty of the natural world while embracing

the depth of human heritage.

Inspiration from Nature – this has been a perennial source of inspiration for designers – the

colours, the textures, the shapes always provide an immense platform for designers’

creativity. The harmonious fusion between the natural world and contemporary design

brings beautiful objects to the light and to the houses where we can connect with the

inspiration of the designer.

Cultural fusion – It’s a celebrity of diversity, where the traditional objects cross with the

contemporary design, creating bridges between cultures when infusing elements from

different parts of the world into coherent concepts. The design becomes a tribute to the

myriad of traditions, art, and stories woven into the tapestry of different societies.

The fusion between these two concepts is visually striking and socially significant - as nature transcends geographical boundaries, so too can human culture. The blending of Nature and Culture influences in design, creates an atmosphere that is both comfortable and invigorating, paying homage to our collective global heritage.

In a world where diversity is cherished and our connection to nature is more crucial than

ever, this design concept offers a canvas for artistic expression that transcends borders. It

reminds us that our designs can inspire, heal, and connect on a deeper level, honouring both the planet we inhabit and the rich tapestry of human culture that defines us."

Gallery Space Opening

10 am 8th November (Pre-Launch Press – Private Event)

Dubai Design District (d3) Building 07 Store R06

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